Phoenix are off to the seaside

Manchester Phoenix have confirmed they will play the opening weeks of the EPL season at Fylde Coast Ice Arena.

The club expects to play up to 12 games at Fylde while work on the Manchester Ice Dome is completed. Face-off time will be 4.30pm.

As the arena has limited facilities, with a capacity of 500 and standing room only, the Phoenix will be teaming up with a well-known bar in the centre of Manchester and the UK’s leading online video platform for sport to live stream games to fans.

Phoenix are currently negotiating deals such as discounted food and drink for fans attending. Entrance will be free to season ticket holders.

The games will be broadcast live and will feature interviews with Head Coach Tony Hand, in addition to player interviews during period breaks.

There will also be comprehensive wrap-up with the team’s media crew after each game.

Phoenix boss Neil Morris said: “I’m focused on two elements of the Phoenix world at the moment.

“Firstly the plan for our brand new Arena in Manchester to ensure the long term future of the club and the building of our temporary home which will enable us to continue until such times as the new facility is built.

“Fylde have been good to us and this allows us to compete in this year’s EPL.

“Progress on the construction of the Manchester Ice Dome is going well, and it is expected that building will start in earnest in the next couple of weeks.

“It is hoped that the opening game at the Manchester Ice Dome will be the scheduled fixture against MK Lightning on 13th November.”

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