RESULTS: Saturday 19th December

Elite League

Braehead Clan 2-5 Sheffield Steelers
Coventry Blaze 4-3 Dundee Stars (SO)
Edinburgh Capitals 2-7 Belfast Giants
Fife Flyers 5-3 Manchester Storm
Nottingham Panthers 3-5 Cardiff Devils


MK Lightning 4-6 Hull Pirates
Peterborough Phantoms 6-2 Guildford Flames
Sheffield Steeldogs 6-3 Basingstoke Bison
Telford Tigers 7-3 Bracknell Bees

NIHL North Moralee D1

Blackburn Hawks 5-2 Billingham Stars
Sheffield Senators 3-7 Sheffield Spartans

NIHL North Laidler D2

Deeside Dragons 7-1 Coventry Blaze
Hull Jets 4-4 Nottingham Lions

NIHL1 South

Bracknell Hornets 3-4 Invicta Dynamos
Cardiff Devils 2-6 NIHL MK Thunder
London Raiders 10-4 Streatham Redskins

NIHL2 South

Invicta Mustangs 0-9 Haringey Racers


North Ayrshire Wild 6-3 Aberdeen Lynx

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