Take Advantage of Bookmakers’ Nonchalance on Ice Hockey

Sports Betting is a Big Industry

Should you take advantage? Why not?! Betting is a rather big industry, with millions of punters and billions that go in bets each year. The best part about it, you can even bet on hockey. Hockey, although not extremely popular amongst punters, can be quite exciting if you know what you’re doing.

As an avid ice hockey fan, you have the edge, the knowledge and the experience to make an informed decision and come on top. If you’ve never placed a bet on sports, now is the time to do it. It’s not like you have to go out of your way and visit a betting shop. You can do that online!

How are Bookmakers Preparing the Odds

The fundamental element of any bookmaker is the sportsbook, which contains all the odds for all sports. These odds are placed in different markets. A team of “experts” who are keen on risk management, but the game as well, analyze and calculate the optimal odds for every event. Initially, this was done manually, but today, this process is heavily automatized.

These odds are carefully calculated to give the house, or the bookmaker the upper hand. However, quite often, these calculations are very wrong. Which is where you come into place. By carefully predicting, and making a decision based on your experience, you can make a profit on the bookmakers’ nonchalance. Surely bookmakers don’t have anyone on their team that’s passionate about hockey as much as you are.

Why is Betting on Ice Hockey Advantageous?

For starters, bookmakers focus heavily on more popular sports, such as football, basketball, tennis and even cricket! Ice hockey is probably 5th or 6th on their priority list. However, be cautious, because bookmakers don’t make this kind of mistakes quite often. Usually, this happens when the bookmaker does not have enough information or data to come up with effective odds.

On the other hand, betting on football and/or basketball calls for making riskier bets. Why? Because bookmakers invest a lot of time and money to provide odds which give them the advantage, yet still be appealing to punters, whereas hockey is not of that big of interest. In all honesty, we totally understand them. After all, there aren’t that many hockey fans, let alone ones that are willing to bet real money.

Ice Hockey Popular Betting Markets

Due to its nature, probably because of the 3 x 20 minute time periods, hockey brings forward rather limited betting markets. With that being said, money line and total goals are the only options you have. However, bookmakers also enable punters to place bets that are riskier, a combination of money line and a goals bet. The odds are more lucrative, but the risk is higher as well.

  • Money Line
  • Handicap
  • Total Goals
  • Total Goals + Overtime

Handicap, although a riskier market, is quite popular amongst punters who are into ice hockey. Bookmakers are rewarding their risky approach by significantly increasing the odds in this particular market. In case you’re not familiar with what is a handicap, here it goes. Say, the Sheffield Steelers encounters the Cardiff Devils. Let’s say that the Shefield Steelers are the absolute favorites in this match. Bookmakers will offer odds for a handicap of -2, which means, if you bet on the Shefield Steelers, they have to beat Cardif Devils by a goal difference of at least 3.

Usually, if you follow the events closely, it’s easier to come up with a prediction that the bookmakers cannot be aware of, due to the high number of odds they have to go through. Moreover, they can’t evaluate each and every squad. You, as a passionate hockey fan, you can actually do it.

How to Skew the Chances in Your Favor? – Ice Hockey is a Good Start

Just by having a thorough insight of the ice hockey leagues you’re one step ahead. Although, you can never place a bet that guarantees a win. This is why we have to warn you and advise you to bet with a cool head.

You can’t change the odds, but you have the liberty to choose the markets and the events you bet on. Our advice is to avoid the NHL, mainly because the odds tend to be quite effective from the bookmaker’s standpoint. Try to focus on EU ice hockey leagues. Not that they’re not attractive, but top-tier bookmakers don’t seem to pay that much of attention. In short, the NHL is mainstream from the bookmaker’s perspective. That’s where the big money comes from.

Which are the Most Promising Ice Hockey Leagues?

We can’t give a definite answer, because if we were able, the bookmakers are probably light years ahead of us. However, we can generalize a bit. The Czech Extraliga is beyond than promising. The parity is not that big, but it’s easier to make a prediction in the Czech Extraliga than it is in the NHL with the odds taken in consideration.

Another great contender is the Swedish Hockey League. Now, we’re not pointing out the best leagues. Instead, we’re bringing closer the ones that are at the very least, decent for punters.

Lastly, although not recommended, try to catch the bookie off-guard with a bet on an underdog in the NHL. It sounds counterintuitive, which it is, but this is how you can make a profit. Betting on the favorite is almost never a good idea, due to the modest odds.

Change your mindset. You’re not betting against the odds, you’re betting against the bookmaker. The bookie chooses its favorite, sets the odds, and offers them. If you don’t agree with them, go for the bigger odds!

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