The History of Hockey

Today, there’s not only one type of hockey, but the variations also stretch to ice hockey, roller hockey and even indoor hockey. Amongst all of these, Ice Hockey is considered the most popular one. But while the rules remain pretty much the same, their history differ! 

It is impossible to say at what exact time did hockey come into action. But most historians agree that the game originates more than 4000 years ago. Ball-stick games are as old as civilisation and the earliest ones can be traced to Persia and Egypt. Remains of cities of Ancient Greeks included ball-stick games. Archaeologists managed to uncover evidence of hockey played in Aztecs centuries.  

Did you know that the name Hockey comes from France? It’s derived from “Hoquet”, which means “shepherd’s stave”. 

About 140 years ago, Mr Creighton from Canada created the first set of rules for Ice Hockey. When he arrived in Montreal, he proposed equipment such as sticks and skates that should be used to play the game. The very first game of Ice Hockey was then played in 1875, in Canada! The game was such a hit that it was declared Canada’s national winter sport. It wasn’t long for many countries to adopt the sport and create leagues of their own, including Kontinetal Hockey League of Russia and the NHL of North America!

Soft hockey is different from Ice Hockey. It is played with hockey sticks but with softballs instead of chips. It has been played in the ancient period by different nations and under different names. It is known that over the last five hundred years the sport has been widely played in India and in rural areas of undeveloped parts of the world where the lack of proper infrastructure eliminates the probability for playing field hockey. 

In the past, villagers were mixing the bamboo and homemade rubber to make softballs. One of the reasons the sport enjoyed such popularity was that it didn’t require many players and the equipment for the game was very simple. One of the more advantageous sides of softball was smaller chances of sustaining injuries, compared to other similar games. 

Another hockey sport, which was played for the first time in the city of Kent, England at the beginning of the 20th century, is called “roller skate hockey”. Two teams comprised of six players each, so it closely resembles ice hockey. However, it is played on asphalt or an indoor skating rink with a ball. Same as indoor hockey, the game starts with a face-off after a coin is tossed. The players’ positions are a goalkeeper, two forwards, centre and two defenders. All players wear matching jerseys, as well as a face mask, shin guards, hockey gloves and helmets with a chin strap. This version of hockey is popular amongst African and Latin Countries. 

Indoor hockey is very similar to field hockey but only adapted for indoor play. However, the same playing style can be applied outdoors if the surface is flat, hard and asphalted. Each team is created out of six players, and the game has two periods of 20 minutes. One of the rules of the game is that the ball must only be pushed and not hit with the stick. Additionally, the ball may just rise from the surface while attempting to score a goal from the striking circle. 

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