The ice hockey betting markets you might want to put to the test

Like other popular sports that attract millions of punters, ice hockey is one of the go-to options for many players. Some websites provide more things than others, but every online bookie has at least a few ice hockey options. For example, these ice hockey betting sites are among the best globally because they provide good markets, high odds, and multiple features.

There are many important things users have to consider before choosing which bookmaker to bet on, and one of them is the available markets. You may come across a variety of options, but only some of them are worth it. That’s why this article will share the betting markets you might want to put to the test.

Correct Score

The first option is exciting, and it is available for all sorts of sports, including ice hockey and football. The Correct Score will allow you to bet on how the game will end by choosing its exact score. As its name implies, the only way to predict this successfully is if the game ends with the score you’ve chosen. If that doesn’t happen, you will lose your bet.

Since Correct Score is one of the complicated options, most bookmakers will offer you good odds. However, this doesn’t mean you should always choose this option because predicting the final result of a given ice hockey match is easier said than done.

Match Winner/Regular Time/FT Time/1×2

The next market is probably the most common option among ice hockey bettors. It is accessible on every online bookmaker, but unlike the Correct Score, this one has different names. You can find it as Match Winner, FT Time, 1×2, or even Regular Time.

If you choose this market, your job will be to place a bet on one of the two teams you think will win. Keep in mind that this market is usually valid during the regular time of the given match. In some cases, it may also apply to overtime.

Double Chance

Everyone who bets on football knows that Double Chance is one of the most interesting options because it provides more chances of winning. Although this market is not that common, punters who check the best ice hockey betting sites will notice that all of them offer their users the opportunity to use Double Chance.

Bettors who want to put this option to the test have more chances of winning because they will predict their bet if the team they’ve wagered on wins or the game ends in a draw. 

Handicap options

The following betting market is more complicated than the previous ones because it may have loads of options. The idea of using Handicap markets is to provide users with better odds. However, the only way to take advantage of them is to place a bet on one of the two teams in a situation where it is losing.

The most common Handicap market that people can find is the one that gives one of the two teams a one-goal advantage. It is usually symbolized with -1 (keep in mind that there might be cases where the handicap is -2 or even -3). If you decide to bet on the team with a -1 next to its name, it needs to score at least two goals and prevent the other team from scoring to predict your bet successfully.


The last kind of popular ice hockey betting market is known as Features. The latter allows people to place bets on whether a given team will finish the season. Interestingly, the odds for these kinds of markets change as time goes on, so some people might find better options than others.

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