The Numbers Game: Tigers vs Raiders

Telford Tigers' coach Tom Watkins (left) and Raiders counterpart Sean Easton (PHOTOS: Steve Brodie & John Scott)

Two new teams enter the Spring Cup fray this weekend as Telford Tigers and Raiders go head to head in the new competition.

Both sides have had to move quickly to get their teams in place as they hit the ice this weekend and although they’ve kept the bulk of the players they signed in anticipation of a 2020/21 full season, some backfilling has been needed to compensate for those unable to play.

But we’ll take a look at how these two match up before their double header, which begins in Telford on Saturday.

Telford Tigers and Raiders last went head to head in what proved to be the final weekend of last year’s National League season (PHOTO: John Scott)


Only four meetings took place between Telford Tigers and Raiders in the National League during 2019/20.


Both teams played each other on what turned out to be the final game of last season prior to lockdown and 342 days on, will play each other in their respective opening game of the Spring Cup.


Points picked up by Brandon Whistle for Telford in the three of the four games he played for the Tigers against Raiders


Until last season, it had been just over a decade since Telford and Raiders had been in the same league when they both played in the EPL during 2008-09.


The points difference between the team at the conclusion of last season, with Tigers finishing as champions of the National League and Raiders ended the campaign in eighth.

Raiders and Tigers played each other just four times last season (PHOTO: John Scott)


The only shorthanded goal scored in the four meetings between the two sides was by Raiders’ Brandon Aycliffe in a 7-3 loss to the Tigers in September 2019.



Number of penalty minutes accrued by Raiders during the National League campaign, the second highest of the ten teams and second to Milton Keynes Lightning, with 1,146.


Shots on goal by Raiders in games against the Tigers last year, scoring 13 of them in the four meetings – a percentage of 9.8% shots to goals.


Players over the age of 40 who are expected to ice for Telford in the Spring Cup.  Jonathan Weaver (44), Rick Plant (43) and Jason Silverthorn (41) will add huge experience to their line up.


The average age of Raiders’ defensive line, with an accumulated age of 188 among the eight players on their roster.  The oldest blue liner is Daniel Scott at the ripe old age of 28.

THIS WEEKEND (Click the fixture for relevant streaming information)

Telford Tigers vs Raiders (Saturday, 6.30pm)

Raiders vs Telford Tigers (Sunday, 5pm)

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