Top 5 up and coming British Ice Hockey players of 2021

Liam Kirk is a guest on this week's BIH Show (PHOTO: Karl Denham)

The British Elite Ice Hockey League is one of the most popular ice hockey tournaments in the world. It has helped to launch the sporting careers of several young men and, in 2021, we will definitely see new names that featuring in this tournament. The following are the top British ice hockey players to watch this year.

Liam Kirk

Liam Kirk is a professional ice hockey player who started his sporting career with the Sheffield Steelers club. He currently plays for the Peterborough Petes club and England’s national team as a forward. Kirk helped the national team secure a place at the IIHF World Championship in both 2019 and 2020.

Owen Griffiths

Owen Griffiths plays for the Guilford Flames ice hockey club as a forward. He has also previously played for the Cardiff Devils, Peterborough Phantoms, and Milton Keynes Lightning clubs. One of Griffiths’ milestones in his career was when he emerged top player during the Challenge Cup of 2019-2020.

Jordan Hedley

Jordan Hedley plays for England’s national team and the Coventry Blaze club as a goalkeeper. One of his biggest achievements was when he helped his club to finish in second place during the British Elite League season of 2020-2021. Hedley has also previously played for the Milton Keynes Lightning club.

Lewis Hook

Lewis Hook is an English professional player serving as a left-wing for the Belfast Giants club. So far he has had been pivotal in the club has posted 6 goals and 18 assists in the 2019/20 season. Despite his youth, Hook will contribute to the club’s performance as the season progresses.

Keiran Brown

Keiran Brown started his sporting career playing as a forward for the Sheffield Steelers club. He became the club’s all-time youngest player when he made his debut against Dundee Stars during the 2017-2018 season. His offensive talent will play a huge role in how he performs in 2021.


The aforementioned are some of the top players that will feature in the British ice hockey scene this year. Other names to watch in 2021 include Bradley Stone, Harvey Stead, and Cameron Brownley. With the popularity of the sport growing every day, we are bound to see more fans attracted to it. More ice hockey fans mean more business for gambling and sports betting sites such as

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