Two resign from EIHA board

Ken Taggart (left) with GB coach Pete Russell (PHOTO: Tony Sargent)

Chairman Ken Taggart and Director Charles Dacres have both resigned from the EIHA Board.

Both men have played key roles in the organisation for a number of combined years and have offered the long-serving Taggart an honorary president.

Fellow board member Joy Johnston paid tribute to Taggart, who leaves his post after four decades in charge.

“Ken has been the Chairman of the EIHA for almost 40 years and as such many of us involved in the sport do not know an EIHA without him as Chairman, “she said.

“He has done a fantastic job in this role and it will be a big change for all of us for him to not be the Chairman any more.

“When he resigned, we all felt it important to recognise Ken’s contribution and commitment to our sport over the years, so we offered him the role of Honorary President.

“We want him to stay involved and enjoy being a part of the sport in England for years to come.

“We hope the members will support our decision to offer him this role to recognise his significant contribution over the years and to keep him involved, and we hope he accepts this role.”

Ken Taggart has been a Director of the EIHA and Chairman since 1982 and was part of the group to setup the EIHA in 1982 and the current governing structure in 1999.

He’s been the driving force behind the sport in England for almost 40 years and is held in high regard by everyone involved in the sport.

Charles Dacres has been a Director of the EIHA since 2013 and has played an integral role in the development of many parts of the sport.

He worked tirelessly to set-up the appropriate safeguarding procedures and had oversight for this area of the sport along with the equality and diversity portfolio for many years.

He also had oversight for the Seniors programme for a number of years and latterly has been the driving force behind the junior and ENTP programmes.

A statement on the EIHA website said: “The board respect his decision to resign and would like to thank him for his service. We hope he continues to stay involved in the sport.”

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