Warriors deducted points for refusal to play

Whitley Warriors have been hit with a points deduction for refusing to play during their recent NIHL North game at Telford Tigers NIHL.

After Andre Payette (above) and Dean Holland were thrown out of the game early in the second period, Player/Coach David Longstaff took his team off the ice.

Although the match was restarted there was insufficient time to complete the full sixty minutes of playing time. The Tigers were 5-0 ahead when the game was finished at the end of the second period.

NIHL disciplinary officials have handed a Warriors a suspended £500 fine and deducted two points from their total in Moralee D1.

Longstaff and the club’s bench coach, Dave Holland, have been suspended for two matches, while Payette has been hit with an eight game ban for abuse of an official after passing the thresholds for both 10 and 15 penalty points.

(Image permission: PSD-Images)

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  1. Difficult to comment, without knowing the full circumstances, but taking your team off the ice is not a thing that I expected Lobby to do. 8 game ban for Andre – wow! Still, no surprise – you expect to lose Andre for a significant number of games each season – just ask the Steeldogs!

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