What makes a night out at an EIHL game appeal so much?

"Elite league Playoff final time in Notti" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Coral Melody

The EIHL has seen strong growth over the past five years in all markets, and this comes despite issues shutdowns and failures to finish last season. Many expected fans to go away and forget about hockey, and for attendance to struggle as a result, but that hasn’t been the case.

When you head to your local Elite League game, you are getting more than just hockey. You are getting the full experience, entertainment for everyone, and plenty more other things attached to that. Those who enjoy playing football and placing a wager on the game they are watching can now do the same when they head out to watch ice hockey. With a sports betting website, you can place wagers on daily games that are taking place in the Elite League and add something else to your night out at a game.

Wagering on the sport is one of the big pulling powers of the EIHL, as it’s a means of adding an extra layer to the experience as well as another way to show your support for your team. But there is so much more you can do with your night to make it even better. Whether you are watching Sheffield, who top the standings, or Fife and Coventry, who are struggling towards the bottom of the table, having a good time is not all about the result on the ice.

The Entertainment Package

What happens inside an Elite League arena is more than just 60 minutes of ice hockey. With giveaways, period breaks filled with entertainment, music playing during each break in play, and much more, this is the full entertainment package. In many respects, the actual game of ice hockey is only a part of what goes on, it is the biggest and most important part, but still not the sole focus of the night for most people.

This is something that really appeals to casual sports fans, who want to watch sport and enjoy it, but don’t want to have their evening completely dedicated to it. You can sing, dance, eat, drink, and be entertained at an ice hockey game, all while the actual game is not being played.

The Future

The Elite League is likely to face many challenges in the future, but the blueprint of what they do now has proven to be successful. Events such as charity donations of teddy bears will only enhance the reputation of clubs in their local area and get people talking about them.

Business may be all about offering more, enhancing things, and moving forward, but in many ways, clubs in the Elite League are already sitting on the winning formula, and simply need to keep delivering it.

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