5 Reasons British ice hockey fans love gambling

The Brits love sports gambling; that is a known fact. They gamble on many sporting events, mainly horse racing, football, and boxing, always taking pole position. However, there are other events that the British enjoy, with ice hockey as a fan and punter favourite.

Whilst Hockey originated in Canada, the sport was taken to new heights with the NHL in America, with many punters wagering on the sport every week. Following your favourite NHL team is quite a simple task, with most sports sites offering wagers on all games. You can also watch the games live at your favourite list of casinos not on Gamstop, and benefit from live betting, just do not blame us if your adrenalin goes on override!

The Ice Hockey Season and Beyond

Like any other sport, hockey operates with leagues and tournaments, with many people not missing a game. You might have your favourite team, athlete, or your go-to tournament. Betting on ice hockey is quite lucrative, with many offences and upsets to spice up your game.

Statistics and data show that many Brits enjoy ice hockey and gambling on other casino games. Today we look at the best reasons why British ice hockey fans like gambling so much.

Gambling in-between seasons

The Ice Hockey Season runs from September to April on an annual basis. Throughout that time, many hockey fans scramble to wager on their favourite team or player. The question is, what do gamblers do in between the time when hockey is on hiatus? Well, one might argue that gamblers head over to wager money on esports or any other summer sports that might be happening. That is indeed true. Gamblers head to gambling sites and wager money on other sports; however, they also enjoy gambling sites and online casino games. The choice is unlimited when it comes to betting on sports, and you will even be spoilt for choice.

Since the Brits love ice hockey so much, they always head to online casino sites and wager on various games between Ice Hockey seasons. Loving hockey is an all-year-round affair; however, when your fave sport is not available to watch or wager on, you can opt for other British casinos that offer gaming options. 

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the biggest things that attract gamblers to an online casino as opposed to another is the promotions. Many online gambling sites will give you a good bonus upon registration and your first deposit. Usually, you will walk away with a 100% deposit match capped to a specific amount with the additional set number of free bonus spins to get you started. Should you want to spend your extra play money on sports, you can do that too, as bonus offers are different, with many targeting gamblers, including live casino punters, slots lovers and sports gamblers. 

Of course, a casino is not a good casino if the offers stop at welcome offers; plus, with so many gambling sites available, the competition is tough. Hence, many gambling sites offer various ongoing offers to attract players to their specific platforms. Such promos include weekday deposit offers, free cashback, and a VIP program.

Instant Wins and Instant Gratification

Winning at ice hockey is all about delayed gratification. You would be eyeing that game from the NHL that potentially is coming up, but of course, the bout could be a week away. During the build-up to the match, you would be shopping around for the best odds to place a bet on your game. This is all delayed gratification, which some gamblers do like. But let us be honest here, the thrills of spinning the reels of a jackpot slot game and potentially turning into a millionaire instantly could be a great gateway to fun. Ice Hockey fans like gambling cause of the instant gratification feel, something that ice hockey seldomly offers. 

Hockey Themed Games

The gambling world is lucrative, with game providers scrambling to bring new innovative ideas to the table daily.  Slot machines, table games and even live casino games offer a window of winning opportunities and a great theme to go with your game. You could love football; hence, you would be drawn into spinning a football theme slot machine, or you could love ice hockey and look around to spin and play some ice-hockey games.

If you like esports, you might be lucky enough to find online casinos that offer ice hockey as a virtual sport whilst also hosting ice hockey virtual tournaments. If you look hard enough for ice hockey wherever you go, you will find it. 

Ice Hockey Brand Ambassadors

We all have our fave athletes. We all follow them on Instagram and other social media platforms. They are not gods, but we respect them for their drive, stamina and hunger to win. Many sports people also delve into the online casino scene by becoming brand ambassadors, with some having dedicated exclusive games launched in their honour. Of course, if one of our fave ice hockey players promotes a brand, why not try it? This is just like clothing; if we see our fave celebrity wearing an affordable piece of clothing, we will wear it too. Marketing is a massive tool in today’s fast-paced world, and Brand Ambassadors work their magic to lure you into a new world full of fun. 

The British are known to enjoy their gambling on the side. It is fun, rewarding and also entertaining when done correctly. Taking a look at your bankroll and managing your funds is essential, along with having a betting strategy. Read as much as you can, set yourself up a playing budget, and enjoy both ice hockey betting and gambling in general. 

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